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Project Description
This project is a custom resource provider that enables you to localize an ASP.NET web site using Windows Azure Table storage as the backing store. This replaces the use of standard RESX files, providing a more flexible way to manage localized resources.

Storing resources using Windows Azure table storage instead of standard RESX files (or other stores) has the following benefits:

* Unlike RESX files, using table storage enables you to edit the resources without recompiling or redeploying your application
* The resource provider requires no code changes for migrating an ASP.NET website that uses another resource method; its is driven via standard configuration.
* Windows Azure table storage is massive scale highly performant scale out storage which scales better than storing resources in a realtional database such as SQL Server.
* The provider works with an ASP.NET website being hosted in a Windows Azure web role, and having the web site hosted on premise

The provider is built using the July CTP of the Windows Azure SDK and the StorageClient library from Microsoft.

In order to use the provider, you must have a Windows Azure account and provisioned your own table storage. Go to to set this up. A useful tool to help create and manage your table storage data can be found at:

The provider requires two tables be created: GlobalResources and LocalResources. These two tables are used to store the global and local resources of an ASP.NET website. For documentation regarding the required structure of entities the provider requires and other information, please refer to

An (very very simple example site can be found at:

* to see a sample page using global resources using standard ASP.NET localized markup.
* to see a sample page using local resources using standard ASP.NET localized markup

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